The Hoxton Hotel – “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

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With this article we welcome guest contributor Ronald Wohlman’s column, Shooting From the Hip


Ronald Wohlman


Hotel Review – The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch, London.

A couple of thoughts after a quick two-night stay in Shoreditch.

The Hoxton Hotel has sex appeal.

Beautiful staff. Great lighting. Two roaring fireplaces. Long leather sofas. There’s art work on every wall. The staff treat you like you’re an adult. Check-in couldn’t be faster. No fuss. No stupid questions, like do you want the guardian or the independent or complimentary coffee? Wifi is free and available without a password. Nobody shows you up to the room to point out the mini-bar. No awkward moments at the door saying “yeah, nice closet safe.”

No cheesy elevator Muzak. The room is uncluttered. Not large but hey, it’s London and at £139 per night, who can complain?

Great lighting. Dark bathrooms. Good showers. Big windows if you’re staying in a courtyard-facing room. Not the worst thing because they’re quiet and they overlook everyone else’s big windows. And when the lights are on and the curtain’s open, you get interesting ‘Rear Window’ opportunities. The Hoxton Grill in the lobby has wide diner-style red leather booths where you can tuck into burgers and feel like Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega. Try the sweet potato wedges. The food’s kinda masculine. Thick slabs of steak. Chunky chicken Caesar salad with fries. It’s good stuff. The staff and guests tend to be cooler than the locals who drift in. But regardless, there’s very good people-watching.

I’ve got to say tho, of all the places I go in the world, the Brits are the sloppiest drunks. In one night I saw a drunk kid rushing about with a just-broken arm, no doubt a result of a drunken prank gone wrong. There was another guy vomiting. And many dizzy, wonky women drunk enough to have sex with their drunk dorky dates. But the British drunks aside, I’d highly recommend the Hoxton. It’s fun. And the neighborhood is really cool for funky clothes and art galleries. Do it.









Room and Details




Art at the Hoxton

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Meeting Room and Pantry

The Hoxton Hotel
81 Great Eastern Street
London EC2A 3HU
United Kingdom
020 7550 1000 (Reservations line open 24h a day)


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